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Vessel Refills - your vessels or mine...

Vessel Refills - your vessels or mine...

Introducing Vessel Refills – the perfect solution for refilling your vessels with our high-quality Organic Soy Wax.


Whether it's your vessels or ours, you can now bring heirloom items out on display. 

You may be intending to gift the heirloom dish down to your children or grandchildren, turn it into an amazing keepsake while enjoying the gorgeous fragrances of our soy candles.


Our pick up and delivery service is available locally to Howick/Pakuranga, making it even easier to keep your home smelling amazing with our environmentally friendly and long-lasting candles.


Say goodbye to single-use containers and hello to sustainable and stylish vessel refills from Soy Candles.This super cute crystal vase is the perfect addition to your home!


Please contact me for a approximate price guide.


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