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Retro Pedestal Candles (sold separately)

Retro Pedestal Candles (sold separately)

These x2 Round Retro Pedestal Candles are the perfect addition to your home!


They are made with organic soy wax.

x1 is French Pear (left photo with lines veritcally) and the other x1 is Sweet Pea & Jasmine.

Both Phthalate Free (no nasty chemicals).


These vessels are recycled, allowing them a new unique second life.


Each candle is handmade with care, ensuring you get the best quality product.

Enjoy the beauty of this round retro vessel candle as it fills your home with a lovely fragrance.


French Pear candle fragrance capturing the natural scent of French brandied sweet pears.

Top Notes: Green apple, white lily, osmanthus

Mid Notes: Midnight jasmine, nashi pear

Dry Notes: Tonka, davana, cinnamon, whipped cream, vanilla, thistle honey

Sweet Pea and Jasmine Fragrance:

The light refreshing floral notes of sweet pea complimented with white jasmine deliver a delicate floral elegance enhanced with fruits, musk, and vanilla to create and a simply beautiful fragrance for candles. Top Notes: Sweet pea, white melon, plum Mid Notes: Jasmine, cyclamen, raspberry, nectarine Dry Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, musk

Vessel Sizes are: (Vertical Lines Candle)  95mm x 110mm (WxH)

                                   (2nd photo) 85mm  x 95mm (WxH)

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