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Dusky Pink Ceramic Candle

Dusky Pink Ceramic Candle

This Dusky Pink Ceramic Candle is the perfect addition to your home!

It is made with organic soy wax, a superb Vanilla Woods fragrance, and is Phthalate Free (no nasty chemicals).

The vessel is a recycled material vessel, giving it a unique retro feel.

Each candle is handmade with care, ensuring you get the best quality product.

Enjoy the beauty of this retro vessel candle as it fills your home with a lovely fragrance.\


Vanilla Woods Fragrance:

Indulge in the enchanting ambiance of Vanilla Woods, a captivating blend of citrus, floral elegance, and the warm embrace of sandalwood and vanilla sugar.


Vanilla Woods Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: Lime Zest, Orange, Eucalyptus, Clove

Mid Notes: Jasmine Petals, Gardenia, White Tuberose

Dry Notes: Sandalwood, Charred Woods, Vanilla Sugar


Vessel Size: 295mm (including Handles) x 60mm (WxH)

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